One step closer to leaving everything “high school” behind.

Anonymous said:

I just want you to know that you are hott. If you weren't taken I'd be flirting with you like crazy. In fact if you weren't taken this probably wouldn't be anonymous ;)

Haha. Thanks :)

Oohhhh my god, I missed this.

It’s one of those nights where your mind takes over and calling the person you love ends up making it worse instead of comforting.

You’re a piece of shit and you disappoint me.


Im so happy I’m going to Eastern Washington University! By Fall 2014 ill be in college! Anyone else gonna be a freshman at EWU next year?

I am! Class of 2018!

I lied. I’m sorry.

The worst part of having your boyfriend be your best friend: when you want to tell someone something and he’s the first person that comes to mind, but you can’t tell him because you’re fighting.


It’s ridiculous how much you can be there for someone then they just completely shut you out and act like you don’t exist.

I’ve never said anything like that to him before. But he’s never been this big of a fucking asshole to me before.
I already have plans with Andy for lunch though.